Owner Terry Wilson has been a hairdresser for over 30 years… but he’s not counting! He lives with his partner Jon, in London, but has an ex-wife, mother-of-his-children, Kay, who lives in New Zealand. He has two grown-up daughters, Emma and Hannah.

After opening his first salon in New Zealand, Terry moved to the UK to pursue his hairdressing dream, opening Hair Organics Notting Hill. As you’ll know if you have met him, Terry has some great stories – the musings below are just some of them, with recipes, jokes and tips for great hair too – Enjoy!

  • “Life is a highway and I’m going to drive it!”
    I used to say “Life is a highway and I’m going to drive it!” I might just take the train after this last 18 months. Less dangerous and more comfortable! It seems like we are back to some sort of normality but just still need to be careful. I have been to Somerset, Hastings and […]
  • Back to school, back to life?
    Back to school, back to life? That’s what one client said to me this week. “Me time”, she said and the best place to start is at the hairdressers.We also have seen a big return of clients getting ready to go back to the office!  Metro, boulot, dodo that’s what the French say, travel, work, sleep.Will […]
  • Green & Gold are now the best colours
    Great to see the UK Gold rush at the Olympics, it certainly took the edge of everything going on.For me the swimming is my favourite as being a competitive swimmer, all my life, I get the training and dedication that is needed.Twenty years ago I swam at the World Gay Games at the Sydney Olympic pool […]
  • Green is the best colour!
    So thrilled to say we won!Green salon of the year at the UK’s Salon Business awards 2021.Monday evening at Quaglino’s nightclub in Mayfair.What a swell party it was. Managers Jean and Matus were true classy gentlemen but screamed the loudest when we won.It was great to be rewarded something for 12 years of hairdressing in Notting […]
  • Rain rain go away
    Starting a marketing email is always difficult. Do you hit them with a strong statement to attract attention? Breaking News perhaps? I needed inspiration today and there it was staring at me on the TV….Boris’ hair. It’s the new pancake umbrella look, a graduated weight line above the ears falling from a double pancake crown. […]
  • Refreshingly different
    Refreshing, that’s le mot du jour… Refreshing to be finally warmer.. Refreshing to be nearly out of this pandemic, fingers, legs, and arms crossed.  Refreshing to be able to meet up family and friends and very very refreshing is my secret kiwi summer watermelon salad. This is a show stopper, that looks and tastes great. […]
  • We made the finals .. 3 times
    Just when you thought it was safe to venture out in the woods again, another month of it. So now it’s Monday July 19th. Which could be a good day for us as it’s the finals night of The UK’s Salon Business Awards 2021. We made the finals in three categories this year: Green Salon […]
    “Betty, I’ll tell you what I do whenever I’m depressed, I clean my shoes and out of that energy comes a gleam of survival” DIANA VREELAND So said Diana Vreeland one of the greatest woman of the 20th century. Have you heard of her? Diana was the High Empress of fashion in New York as Deputy […]
    Hair Organics’ own Hero Blow dry cream has won it’s second award – as the editor’s choice for the best international blow dry cream in the Shortlist Beauty Awards 2021. We are thrilled as this is our best selling hair product which is sent all over the world as there “just isn’t anything like it.” […]
    Well that was a week (out of many), to forget! Colder than the corner of 23rd and 9th Avenue on a bitterly icy cold day in New York. That is but a memory. I didn’t get to go outside, at all, after doing a spectacular death drop in the street 10 days ago! Thank you […]
    A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. At Tesco’s yesterday I was waiting in the vegetable aisle to get a Celeriac. There were two elderly gentlemen (I think they were a gay couple, how very daring)One of them was holding up a celeriac.Oh, look it’s only 5p!The other man grabbed it and […]
    Not the ladies from Ru Paul drag race but real Sisters of Mercy are, as I found out, just around the corner from me in Ladbroke Grove. I’m walking home from Sainsbury’s, big coat and hat on, yesterday about 5pm and my phone rings so I sit down on a bench to take the call.  About 20 metres […]