Many have asked – and you probably have the same question. What makes the products we use at Hair Organics different from other high street salons, and do these products actually work?

What you put on your hair can create all sorts of problems, especially if its full of chemicals that might give results, but compromise your health and the condition of your hair. So that’s why I have sourced, and only ever use the best, natural, mineral-derived products, that look after your health and also your hair, building it up to be shiny, glossy and manageable.

I can guarantee that our colours will suit you, and last long beyond a few washes.  We will suggest a shampoo and conditioner that will suit your hair type, will be effective and won’t leave you with itches, spots, rashes or anything more sinister.

There are 2 main ranges that we use, that not only deliver the great results you deserve, but also do the least harm to you and your hair (and also ourselves – as we are using it day in day out!) – Daniel Field Organic and Mineral (O&M) and Organic Colour Systems.


O&M is our main, preferred range. I’ve known Daniel personally for over 15 years and have worked for and with him. So I know that he walks the talk. Daniel started creating clean and green haircare products before anybody else. You could say he is the pioneer of clean hairdressing in the UK. He’s an enthusiastic and competent chemist as well as hairdresser, and is constantly looking for ways to make natural ingredients work to the most effective and least harmful way. He researches ingredients that will work in place of the toxic chemicals that pervade traditional hair dyes and products.

I have his full range of PPD-free semi-permanent water colours (yes that’s right, water is the catalyst to make this colour work. Water. Not ammonia or hydrogen peroxide). If you have been unlucky enough to have had a reaction to PPD or PTD before you will know how painful and itchy it is, and that it just keeps getting worse the more you dye your hair. This PPD-free range allows you to colour your hair again without the pain. The bonus is that all of Daniel’s products including the highlighting formula leave the hair super-shiny, soft and easy to manage. And for blonde highlights that’s nothing short of a miracle! As Blonde hair does not normally have a shine as traditional bleaching strips the hair of moisture, resulting in crispy, straw-like strands.

Not all of the ingredients can be sourced naturally, but where it is possible, Daniel has substituted the active ingredients with those which do the least harm. All the ingredients are tested against a national database, are vegan, gluten-free and are never, ever tested on animals.


Seaweed used to lighten your hair? Something a bit witchery about that surely? Nothing short of ingenious is what we say. The trouble with being blonde is that traditional highlighting bleaches can make your dry, brittle or even give you hair breakage. When you are looking for blonde highlights or to be all over blonde you want that hair to shine and look healthy and nourished.

Our Seaweed powder combined with our Fruitoxy booster allows just small and even bursts of oxygen to be released that lighten your hair as light as required, whilst fruit oils deeply moisturise and nourish your hair often leaving it in better condition than before the process. We believe that you will notice a big difference to your highlights in that they will have a glossy shine which cannot be achieved with traditional bleaching techniques.


Our Semi-permanent range known as Water Colour (created by Daniel Field) can be used either to gently blend away grey hair which lasts 4 to six weeks or it can provide a blanket colour coverage and lasts like a permanent tint. Your stylists will determine the level you require at your initial consultation. Unlike traditional semi-permanent colour, Water Colour does not contain hydrogen peroxide, ammonia or any other synthetic replacement that strips colour from your hair. Instead it simply adds colour by a gentle process without irritating your scalp or damaging your hair.

A further advantage is that the process takes less time than traditional colourants, decreasing the time you need to be in the salon. Daniel Field created 46 shades of Water-based Colour in 1994 and it still remains a world class breakthrough as the only harmless yet highly effective hair colourant for grey hair on the market. Best of all it gives your hair and incredible high gloss shine that lasts for the length of the colour.

Our Water-based Colour contains no known allergens other than the dye pigments* themselves. The remaining <99% of the ingredients used are 100% petrochemical free. *Water Colour still needs to use synthetic dye pigments so an patch test is compulsory before first use. 

Water Colour is 100% vegan and is <99% naturally mineral and plant based. It contains no toxins, is 100% SLS free, 100% environmentally biodegradable /safe and the plant ingredients are 100% organically grown.

Find out more in salon including how Hair Organics Water Colour is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Our Permanent Colouring System comes in every gorgeous shade imaginable. It is a two part system, the first being the colourant which does not contain ammonia like traditional hair dyes do. Ammonia has been replaced by an alkali derived from coconut fatty acids. It is odourless so both you and your stylist benefit from the lack of fumes which irritate lungs and eyes. In it’s natural state your hair is acidic and this alkaline oil respects this. Our complimentary pH Balancing Rinse (see treatments) following the colour will restore the acid pH of your hair.

With the organic and mineral permanent colour we mix our own unique Fruitoxy Booster which is the second part of the system. It is made from a combination of natural essential fatty acids derived from fruit oils, chemically similar to sebum found naturally in your scalp. It is still technically a hydrogen peroxide (which is required to open the hair to lighten it so that the colour can penetrate) but unlike traditional hydrogen peroxide it is in fact good for both your hair and your scalp. We find it protects the scalp whilst deeply moisturising the hair during the colouring process often leaving your hair in better condition than before colouring.

The Organic and Mineral Permanent Colouring System provides professional, effective fast permanent hair colouring, yet is neither harmful to your hair or your scalp. It is extremely rare that you would have an allergic reaction to our Permanent Colouring System however, as we care for your welfare, we now insist that you have a skin patch test at a consultation 12 -24 hours prior to your colour.


When your hair is coloured or lightened the cuticle layers that protect your hair are opened. This process changes the pH of the hair from acid to alkaline. When the cuticle layers are raised your hair becomes dull, frizzy and tangles more easily. It is very important after any alkaline colouring service to restore the acid pH.

Hair Organics’ exclusive pH Balancing Rinse restores the natural pH back to pH 4.5 – 5.5. This treatment simply closes the cuticle layers of your hair back. Shine is restored, tangling is reduced and colour molecules are locked in resulting in decreased colour fade.

At Hair Organics the pH Balancing Rinse is provided FREE to you as part of our specialist colouring and highlighting service.