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Smoothing Treatments

Natural Brazilian Blow Dry​

Our Super Organic Smoothing Treatment (SOS) is as effective as a Brazilian Blow Dry but without any of the nasty chemicals!
It will give you gorgeous frizz-free hair that’s super-easy to manage for 120 days. This two hour in-salon treatment is perfect for all hair types and is unique to Hair Organics.

Our SOS Treatment is a 2-part system with a masque that deeply moisturises even the most damaged hair, giving you stronger hair with amazing shine! It will remove frizz, repair damage, and reduce drying time by half, making all your perfect hair dreams come true!

Using our unique vegetable cysteine complex, derived from lentils and oats, it will give your hair amazing shine by giving the hair a new ‘false cuticle’ layer. You will leave the salon with amazingly soft, shiny hair but will need to leave it for 2 days before shampooing to let the treatment harden in the hair and work its full magic. There will be no colour fade on your hair, in fact, colour usually looks lifted.

There are 2 versions of our SOS Treatment:

Smoothing Treatment

Our intensive Smoothing Treatment is perfect for curly, frizz-prone hair that is sensitive to moisture in the air. It removes the frizz, but not the curl, and lasts up to 120 days. Hair is frizz-free and super easy to blow dry!


In-Salon Treatment  – from 2 hours

Cuticle Rejuvenation

This 1 hour treatment is perfect for hair that has a tendency to be lacking in shine, is limp, lacklustre, or dry and damaged due to over-processing from heat styling or chemical damage or with split ends. This truly fantastic treatment will strengthen your hair shaft using our unique vegetable cysteine complex, derived from lentils and oats, giving your hair amazing shine, by giving the hair a new false cuticle layer. There will be no colour-fade on your hair.



Unlike Brazilian blow drys or Keratin treatments, our treatments are totally chemical and smoke-free and will be safe for you if you are pregnant, are breast-feeding or if you are undergoing chemotherapy. (Although a patch test is advised up to 48 hours before.)

“I have naturally curly and frizz-prone hair that was left quite damaged after a botched hair colouring experience at another salon. I had done other types of keratin smoothing treatments in the past but stopped years ago after reading that when the fumes make your eyes water, it means there’s formaldehyde in the formula. But the SOS Organic Smoothing treatment is so natural and gentle, it worked wonders on my hair without producing any fumes whatsoever. My hair is now soft, shiny and so easy to style!” Flavia

After Care

To extend the life of the treatment, we recommend you use our unique SOS sulphate-free shampoo, conditioner and weekly masque. For Blow Drying we would suggest our award winning “Hero” weightless blow dry cream to protect from further heat damage; and our silicone-free curl protection cream for styling natural curls.