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More About Our Products

About Our Products

Hair Organics Products

I’m particularly proud of our Hair Organics product range which are the safest and most effective products that I have ever used.

All of our products are plant-based and are free from gluten, parabens, sodium laryl sulphate (SLS) and oestrogen-mimicking substances. They are all 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and all the packaging is recyclable.

Whatever your hair type, we have a product to suit you, that will leave your hair looking gorgeously shiny and healthy. Our stylists will be able to recommend the best products for your hair type if you pop into one of our salons.

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Terry Wilson - Creative Director

More about our products

A lot of cheaper shampoos are filled with SLS. It gives you a lovely foamy lather, but it can cause static in dry hair, which attracts dust quicker and means that your hair feels dirty more quickly. Our pure-plant-based shampoos are totally SLS-free and are concentrated to 3-4 times that of standard shampoos, so you only need to use a small amount to cleanse the hair without stripping. They will leave your hair totally rejuvenated and looking gorgeously shiny and clean.


Our unique conditioner base is derived from the seeds of Pentaclethra Macroloba, a natural product with one of the highest concentrations of behenic acid. This is the base of both our conditioners which are free of every suspect toxin or known irritant including parabens.

All our hard-working styling products are plant-based and deliver unparalleled results without using any toxic ingredients.


Our Hero Blow Dry Cream is one of our client’s favourites in the salon – it contains hydrolysed quinoa protein which is one of the best ingredients to absorb heat in order to protect against damage from heat styling. It’s great for all types of hair, but you’ll especially love it if your hair gets frizzy easily after you style it.


Our range also includes 2 amazing products to leave frizz-prone curls looking and feeling simply perfect.

Our range of plant-based finishing products imparts incredible shine to your finished hairstyle, making styling at home a breeze. Up to quite recently, there were no plant-based alternatives that could in any way match the effectiveness of silicone used in hair care.


We love the instant smoothing effect of our silicone-free finishing serum, as it won’t build up on your hair, one wash and it’s gone! And our shine spray is an amazingly effective, non-silicone alternative which far from building up on the hair, actually protects and hydrates it at the same time.

Our nourishing range for your scalp soothes and protects. Our clients particularly love the organic Camellia Oil, which is a highly effective anti-inflammatory, healing all sore scalps whatever the cause.

I have also seen some incredible results from our amazing botanical Hair Growth Spray, which not only encourages your hair to grow, it prevents hair loss in men and women when used regularly for 4-12 weeks. It works for androgenic baldness as well as hair loss caused by factors like stress and menopause, and even to arrest natural hair fall. It really has to be tried to be believed!

Hair damage can be caused by mechanical damage (ripping and tearing) heat and chemical damage. Our effective weekly plant-based treatments can hydrate and restore naturally delicate or chemically damaged hair, and there’s also a great one to remove toxins or product-build up from the hair.


We particularly love the weekly hydrating treatment, we use it as our main in-salon treatment for dry hair, as it works wonders on naturally dry and chemically damaged hair.

The sun’s rays are a major cause of skin cancer and premature hair loss, so we have included 2 botanical products to protect your hair and scalp in the sun.


Our unique scalp balm protects the scalp, without causing hair to become greasy or discoloured. It’s very popular over the summer with women where the parting can be more easily burnt and all year round for men who are thin on top to avoid skin cancers. And our lovely light finishing shine spray prevents hair colour from sun bleaching whilst protecting the hair from UV damage.