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Hair Organics Notting Hill is an eco-friendly salon, looking after the environment and  the health and wellbeing of all our clients and staff. We were recognised as Green Salon of the Year 2021 & 2023 at the Salon Business Awards. This is how we do it!

Reducing water waste

We use eco heads on our taps, with double the pressure, so less water is needed. They also filter the water, reducing chlorine, giving our clients more ph-balanced hair.

We use Easydry disposable towels, which do not need washing, (or drying!). They biodegrade in 3 months, saving around 40,500 litres of water per year. Any wet towels without colour stains are dried and re-used as daily cleaning cloths in the salon.



We have a commitment to recycle as much as possible – 75% of our waste is currently recycled, we are working towards a target of 95% by the end of 2022.


We recycle all our used foils, empty colour boxes, empty tubes, paper, magazines, cardboard, plastic and glass bottles – as well as old hair dryers, tongs, lights.


Our 32 Hair Organics products are packaged in 100% recyclable aluminium bottles and lids.  Clients are encouraged too bring back their bottles to be refilled – giving them a discount on their next purchase of that product. We recycle the bottles for them.


The salon has a recycled Canadian oak floor.


We use low voltage Parlux eco-dryers with silencers, which are energy efficient and reduce noise pollution.

Our energy-saving LED panel lights only consume 18 watts of power – a saving of 50-60% on energy consumption compared to regular bulbs. We use smart meters, monitoring and reducing electricity usage where possible.


Organic and natural products

In salon

We only offer organic coffee, teas, and fruit plus vegan & organic milk and biscuits to all clients. We use natural cleaning products, organic hand wash and eco-friendly, recycled toilet paper.

There is a no plastic bottle policy in the salon, we offer clients filtered tap water.

Better for the environment

Our Products only contain natural, non-toxic ingredients, so there is no ammonia or any other harsh chemicals in the salon.

We measure all  products we use in the salon extremely carefully, so there is no waste put down the drain!

Always reviewing

Working alongside our product developer Daniel Field, we are constantly exploring ways of reducing any toxins, and ensuring all ingredients are safety-rated and come from reliable, sustainable sources.