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Gills secret birthday bash

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Gillian, happy birthday to you.
What swell party it was on Monday 8th November at the fabulous, redecorated, Whippet Gastro pub on Chamberlin Road.
Gill gave me strict instructions not to tell anyone her age so I won’t, but here’s a lovely photo of Gill with a G enjoying the day.
Isn’t she just gorgeous!
We started at 2.30pm and all of a sudden they were closing and asking our quiet table of 6 to vacate the premises!
Outrageous, it’s Gill’s birthday after all.
Now another Jill but with a J is back in salon tomorrow after an 18 month absence across the ditch in Cape Cod. We can’t wait to see you Jill. Jill is such a hair organics fan that she has waited all this time for her highlights. I’ve booked an 8 hour session and most of that will be chatting.
We sent bundles of products to keep her going over the 18 months with clients buying them all over the world especially Hester, in Singapore, who brought a job lot 12 bottles of HERO to keep her going.
As you know HERO blow dry creme is really good and its now on the beauty website,, listed as one of the top 10 ten go to hair products in Arabia.
Haven’t had a job lot order yet but great publicity.
HERO would make a great Christmas present so pick one up on your next visit.
Bookings are coming in for pre Christmas so give the team a call on 02072296318 and don’t leave it till the last minute.
Speak soon,