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Farewell to Jean Val Jean

I’m back in writer’s mode with more super exciting, informative, captivating, thrilling, not to be missed news on the Hair Organics scene.
There has not been a lot of thrilling or captivating news lately but today it’s going to be 26 degrees so what better way to start.

Actually, the news is not all that great as it’s the second to last day of our long time Manager and fantastic samba shaking Brazilian stylist Jean.
After EIGHT years at the helm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays , Jean has decided to call it a day.

With husband Adam they are off on a year’s sabbatical first to Bali for 6 months to their desert island villa and then on to Brazil.

Robinson Crusoe and man Friday! Not sure who will be who. From day 1 jean has been incredible.

Dedicated, passionate and always lots to say.
We have had so much fun and the best Christmas parties ever.

One to remember was in the Soho Brazilian dance club where someone lost their keys in the club, couldn’t get a taxi home and had to wake up his husband to get in. Slept in spare room I bet.
But danced like a true carnival queen all night.

He put all our dad dancing to shame.

Recently Jean completed an online Mental health and Awareness course.

I believe this is something he would like to follow up on his return and could only say that as a clever, thoughtful hairdresser this would be a great path to choose.

Jean, you know we will always welcome you back and will dedicate the outside table and chairs to you with a Plaque, “Jean Val Jean was here”.
Good luck with any future ventures we will truly miss you!

Speak soon Terry. xx

PS. Jean wasn’t the only one to get lost on the Brazilian christmas party , Gill and I ended up lost in some dark ally in Soho with just bins and some screeching cats.