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Rain rain go away

Starting a marketing email is always difficult. Do you hit them with a strong statement to attract attention?


Breaking News perhaps? I needed inspiration today and there it was staring at me on the TV….Boris’ hair.


It’s the new pancake umbrella look, a graduated weight line above the ears falling from a double pancake crown.

Great for the wettest summer day in 40 years. He sure rocks a new trend.

Trends come and go but Boris will always be the same.

I don’t think there are any Lady Di trends any more in hair,  maybe in colour with balayage being the ‘in thing’, but I sure know we still have to keep up.

Back in the day in a far away land called Middle Earth, New Zealand, we used meticulously cut out loads of pictures from magazines,  mostly from England, and do a style book.

Clients would browse at their convenience, before choosing a style.

Toni and Guy then changed the world with their 9 signature haircuts that the stylists had to do or they would be sacked. TRUE!

Maybe Boris’s hair will be copied worldwide and influence a new generation of umbrella heads.

We’ll just do what you want using the best products.
Fair enough?  I think so.

The 19th is coming around quick, not for coming out of the restrictions but because we are going to the finals of the UK’s Salon Business Awards in a swank Mayfair nightclub…

We are up for three categories this year.

Business Salon of the year, Customer Service salon of the year and Green salon of the year.

Roll on Monday!

See you soon,
Terry xx


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