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A gleam of hope…

“Betty, I’ll tell you what I do whenever I’m depressed, I clean my shoes and out of that energy comes a gleam of survival”

So said Diana Vreeland one of the greatest woman of the 20th century. Have you heard of her?

Diana was the High Empress of fashion in New York as Deputy editor of Harpers Bazaar from 1936-1962 and then was Editor in chief of Vogue to 1971.

Born in Paris in 1903 to a British father and American mother she once said, “The first thing to do is to arrange to be born in Paris. After that everything follows quite naturally. People born in Paris are different to other people.” I love this woman and have been reading the book “High Empress of Fashion” during lockdown.

Dee-anna, as she called herself, helped changed the face of fashion and style of magazines, loved French Haute Couture, but made stylish clothes seem more accessable to the main stream American market during the second world war and post war years

And she said the most outrageous, funny but meaningful quotes. So cleaning our shoes will bring a gleam of survival in today’s world of Covid 19, lockdowns, vaccine roll out, home schooling and hardship not seen since World War 2.

Our glimmer of survival is Monday April 12th when we are reopening. Lots of shoes to clean before then and lots of appointments to make!

Our priority, like last year, is our regular customers who have already been in salon, we are not booking in any new clients for the first month. Groundhog day all over again but hopefully we will see the end of the movie this time.

Stay safe, sane and sexy.
Speak soon,
Terry xx.


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