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Sisters of Mercy

Not the ladies from Ru Paul drag race but real Sisters of Mercy are, as I found out, just around the corner from me in Ladbroke Grove.

I’m walking home from Sainsbury’s, big coat and hat on, yesterday about 5pm and my phone rings so I sit down on a bench to take the call. 

About 20 metres away were group of people, at a gate, and I realised it was a food parcel distribution centre for the homeless.

I was actually quite fascinated, and shocked, as some of them were eating straight away on the side of the street.

Others were wandering around, I think for seconds, company?

The crowd gradually disappeared and then a nun came out, not traditional Sound of Music Mother Superior, more like Mother Theresa.

She then turned and called out to me “Have you got your food parcel?”

Oh dear, I know am no Nicky Clarke oil painting but homeless ?

It was dark…

I replied,” no thank you very much I’m ok.”

So I was telling my friend what had just happened and we were laughing and then another Nun came out a side gate and asked me the same!

This time to my face!

Once again I said no thanks very much and we had quite a long chat.

She told me about their work and I asked if I could donate some food, a cake, soup or muffins?

With pleasure we accept donations.

So I’m going to make some savoury muffins, Glebs favourite, today and take them around tonight.

Give us our daily bread.

Just a reminder our online” SHOP” is available at

I will be in the Notting Hill salon on Saturday so if you live not too far away and can walk, bike or be chauffeur driven, I will be there from 11.00am to 2.00pm for you to come in and pick up anything you need or have run out of.

It’s a takeaway service only with a chat and some gossip included.

If you can’t make it, I will package the products and post them 1ST class, or if you don’t live too far away will deliver on my bike.

Any inquires or hair advice needed please leave message, 02072296318 and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Stay safe and sane,

Speak soon,

Terry xx
P.S. be nice to see some, social distancing, faces.