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Best soup ever

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.
At Tesco’s yesterday I was waiting in the vegetable aisle to get a Celeriac.

There were two elderly gentlemen (I think they were a gay couple, how very daring)
One of them was holding up a celeriac.
Oh, look it’s only 5p!

The other man grabbed it and said, you can’t buy that it’s past the sell by date!
Oh goodness sake it’s a bloody root vegetable, not soggy spinach, it will last for months!
I had to laugh and when they moved on I got the celeriac for 5p.

The reason I wanted a celeriac was to make soup.
Gill, our former Notting Hill receptionist, gave me a fabulous set of soup recipes for Christmas with a wooden spoon.

So I am working my way through them.
This is the recipe, it’s absolultely gorgeous.

“Celeriac and Blue Cheese soup.”
2 TBS olive oil or 25 gm butter,
1 medium onion,
1 medium celeriac, chopped into 2 cm pieces,
1 large baking potato,
3 TBS fresh sage , (I used dried sage.)
600ml vegetable stock,
300gm blue cheese
Salt and pepper to taste 
Fresh chives.
Heat oil or butter 
Add ingredients (not blue cheese).
Sweat 5 mins,
Add stock for 15-20 mins, then puree .
Add most of the blue cheese stiring to melt.

Ready steady, eat with chopped chives and a little more crumbled blue cheese on top.
This makes the most silky, smooth soup ever.

I can see why, on Masterchef, celeriac puree is always la veggie du jour.
Thanks Gillian with a G.

So time for soup and a hair treatment.
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