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Can you believe that animal testing is legal again?

Can you believe that animal testing is back?

Can you believe that animal testing for make-up is being re-instated in the UK after 25 years. 

WTF or Why the f…….


For the safety of the workers manufacturing it ?  says the ECHA European Chemicals Agency.
It’s not like Chernobyl!

If it’s that bad then, what about the millions of people who buy products?  More than 80 brands, including Unilever, Boots and Body shop, have said they are dismayed by the Governments new position.


So after 25 years what’s not safe to use now?


I know our supplier Daniel Field has never ever tested or used anything that was tested on animals.  He was a pioneer in this 40 years ago.


I still get a little shocked when clients ask this? Maybe it’s the one thing that gets a bee in their bonnet.


What’s important to you?
No animal testing ?
No sulphates ?
No Chemicals?
No parabens?
No plastics?
No gluten?
No waste?

It’s ALL important to us and that’s why we have been renominated as a Finalist for “ The Green Salon of the Year 2023”

We won it in 2021 but since then have added much more.

A Green Energy electricity and gas supplier and have joined the Green Salon Collective to recycle hair and waste.



You can be assured there will never be any animal testing in any of our products and I intend now to get the sticker on our bottle.

This will become the thing to do when buying any products, look for the NO ANIMAL testing logo.


Every home haircare product we have is plant based and designed to maintain and improve the condition and extent the life of your colour or smoothing treatment.


Get the full package!

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Speak soon,
Terry XX