Akiko, London

This time was my second time to visit the salon and this time’s experience was as wonderful as the first time. My hairdresser is Jean, I like his gentle, caring approach with a great sense of humour. The menu I went for was roots retouching (covering my grey hair), and haircut on my long hair to give little more shape. Although I didn’t change my style hugely, surprisingly I received many compliments on my hair from my colleagues. One of my male colleague/friend even texted me saying “What have you done to your hair? looking shiny and beautiful!” That was even after 2 weeks I have been to the salon! Since my first visit to the salon, I switched all my hair products to the one available at the salon, and I could feel the difference on my hair. The one thing I would like to emphasise is, the colour (covering grey hair with colour black) last much longer than any colouring I have done elsewhere. Jean explained to me as of course, hair organic colouring product itself good but also by detoxing the hair using right hair products (less chemical ) for your daily care also helping to hold the colour longer. (Jean explained much better way than I phrased here). I am very much looking froward to return to the salon again and continue my journey to improve my hair condition.