Terry, Creative Director Notting Hill

What inspires you?
What inspires me is seeing the salons growing with the teams working together to give a unique experience to the clients. I have a great place to work in and I just love when clients leave with a big smile, thank yous, happy hair and rebooked for their next visit  to their special place.

What do you love about being a Hair Organics hair stylist?
Happy clients in a non toxic environment which is just as important for the teams health as well as for the clients health.

What do you love about Notting Hill /Putney.
Our small boutique salons and that the teams can cope, manage and look after the salons without me . A dream salon owners vision!

What do you specialise in? Everything from hair to counselling.

What’s great about working with organic products?
The non toxic ingredients, which leave the hair feeling and looking great.

What do you think is the secret to having happy clients?
From the moment they call, through coming in, to leaving, it has to be an experience.  Hair is easy! “Clients want to be part of a family but treated like royalty.”

Tell us something unusual about yourself.
Don’t like cucumber and any perfumes and Oh I think everyone knows the rest! (I’m a Gemini you know)