(as per Government guidelines published on 23.6.20)

  • If you feel off-colour, please cancel your appointment (ideally 24 hours in advance).*See cancellation policy below. If you’ve been with anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19 in the past 14 days, please also reschedule.
  • If you’ve travelled abroad, please wait for 14 days after returning home before visiting the salon.
  • If you’re planning a major hair change, we will now offer you a consultation a few days before your appointment via Facetime or phone to make your salon visit super-speedy.
  • Please come alone and enjoy some precious me-time! Children are welcome to come for their own appointments, but only if they’re happy to be left alone in the salon with us. We’ll need to wash their hair before cutting too.
  • Please book by phone, as we’re currently unable to offer on-line or walk-in appointments.

Here’s what to expect when you come in for your appointment…

  • You’ll be seated two metres apart from other clients. Please keep your distance at all times.
  • We will only be offering water in disposable, recyclable cups or feel free to drink from your own bottle or a reusable cup. We don’t have any magazines in the salon for the time being so please feel free to read your own magazine or book.
  • We kindly ask that you keep your mobile in your bag at all times to minimise the risk of any germs spreading. You’re welcome to use AirPods of course or your phone (but keeping it within your handbag). Please use your own charger for your phone, laptop or iPod. WiFi posters are displayed around the salon.
  • Please ask us if you wish to use the bathroom, where there are now wall-mounted, disposable paper towels.  Please place in the bin after use and reuse the hand sanitiser.
  • There will only be two-three clients maximum in the salon at once and we are only using up to three of our six chairs, to maintain social distancing. We will be thoroughly cleaning the work station between each client. Please use the same chair throughout your visit.
  • Please pay by card, if possible.


  • We’re having longer appointments and longer gaps between appointments to allow for extra cleaning.
  • We’re taking our staff’s temperatures twice a day to make sure everyone is fit for work.
  • We’ve extended our opening hours to allow for greater social distancing. We’re now open seven days a week.
  • The staff have been split into two teams with split shifts.
  • Notting Hill:
  • Team 1 = Terry, Angie and Sarita
  • Team 2 = Jean, Leo, Katrina and Tendai
  • Putney:
  • Team 1 = Matus and Sonia
  • Team 2 = Michael and Aga
  • There will only be two-three clients maximum in the salon at once and we will only be using up to three of our five chairs, to maintain social distancing. We will be thoroughly cleaning the work station between each client and you’ll be seated in the same chair throughout your visit
  • Due to extended hours, PPE and extra product costs we are having to raise our prices by 10%.  We hope to reduce this once we get back to BC (Before Corona). For the first visit we won’t be able to offer any discounts or vouchers or use any points.
  • There have been rumours of not being allowed to talk or play loud music. Much as we normally love to catch up, having a visor/mask on will be restricting for us both so if we could keep chat to a minimum, that will help us concentrate on getting your hair back to normal as quick as possible! Music will be just perfect for a relaxing visit. It’s all about you and your hair this time.
  • As it’s been over three months, we’re delighted to have received a record number of bookings, so please try to be on time, as we would have to reduce the service if clients are running late.
  • Lastly, once again, if you’re not feeling well on the day or before please call early, leave a message and we will call you back to reschedule. *We understand this may happen, in these times, so there won’t be any cancellation fee.

If you have any questions, please call or email us. We look forward to seeing you soon!