We have an amazing range of treatments to help you get gorgeously healthy, glossy hair.

1. Body and Shine

For dry hair lacking in moisture, or damaged hair lacking in protein. Leaves hair silky and shiny.  15 minutes in the salon, or available to buy and take home.

2. Repair and Shine

Repairs dry and damaged hair, and seals it in with natural oils (Camellia or Avocado).  20 minutes in-salon or or available to buy and take home.

3. Smooth and Shine Advanced Avocado

Smooths frizzy hair by repairing it and locking in moisture. One hour in-salon treatment.

4. Cuticle Rejuvenation

For dull, lifeless, lacklustre hair. Gives high-shine and less frizz. One hour in-salon treatment.

5. SOS Super Organic Smoothing

Intensive smoothing treatment that lasts 100 days. Hair is frizz-free and super-easy to manage. Two hour in-salon treatment.

6. Intensive Hair Repair

Restores hair to child-like, soft, shiny state. Repairs and protects. Six weeks of intensive in-salon treatments.

Kebelo Smoothing Treatment


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