At-home Treatments

At home Treatments

At home hair treatments can be a very effective way of maintaining the condition of your hair between salon visits. We have 3 plant-based at home treatments all with gorgeous natural and organic ingredients.

1) Weekly Revitalising Treatment for normal to fine hair. This wonderful treatment restores naturally delicate or chemically-damaged hair, it’s great for damaged hair and split ends. It has an avocado oil base that’s great for achieving more shine. BUY NOW

2) Weekly Hydrating Treatment for dry/coarse, hard-to-manage hair – made from 100% organic camellia oil from Japan – it’s seriously moisturising! This is the main in-salon treatment that we offer our clients, it works wonders on naturally dry and chemically damaged hair. I’s very popular! BUY NOW

3) Weekly Detox Treatment – removes product build-up and toxins from the environment from your hair. BUY NOW