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Heels, wigs and long legs

Well that was a week (out of many), to forget! Colder than the corner of 23rd and 9th Avenue on a bitterly icy cold day in New York. That is but a memory. I didn’t get to go outside, at all, after doing a spectacular death drop in the street 10 days ago! Thank you [...]

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Best Soup Ever

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. At Tesco’s yesterday I was waiting in the vegetable aisle to get a Celeriac. There were two elderly gentlemen (I think they were a gay couple, how very daring)One of them was holding up a celeriac.Oh, look it’s only 5p!The other man grabbed it and [...]

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Sisters of Mercy

Not the ladies from Ru Paul drag race but real Sisters of Mercy are, as I found out, just around the corner from me in Ladbroke Grove. I’m walking home from Sainsbury’s, big coat and hat on, yesterday about 5pm and my phone rings so I sit down on a bench to take the call. About 20 metres away [...]

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