Terry Wilson

Creative Director / Co-Owner

Terry is a highly experienced Colourist and Stylist and has worked for many years in his native New Zealand as well as his adopted country Great Britain. His career spans previous salon ownership, training, session styling, celebratory styling, and presenting. He was introduced to Organic and Mineral hair colour by Daniel Field (the founder and scientist behind the products) when he worked in one of Daniel’s salons in Soho, London. He found that the products were far superior to traditional products, caring for the health of the client’s scalp and hair as well as the health of the stylist. By opening Hair Organics Notting Hill he has achieved a place where the health of both are paramount and that the hair styles and colour produced are exceptional.

Inspired by classic, consistent, retro styles, Terry has been privileged to work with some major celebrities – Keira Knightley, David Beckham, Helena Christensen and even Queen Elizabeth II. He has learnt that there is no one hair challenge that he can’t turn around and give a great result, whether it be damaged hair, a colour you don’t like or a style that you wished you were never talked into.

Terry’s belief in the products has led him to appear on television to promote Amara, the after-care products sold in the salon and online. He has been the subject of many magazine, radio and blog articles and strives to educate people about the advantage of organic and mineral hair-care.

When he is not in the salon you can find him in the kitchen – cooking is a passion, as is cycling, swimming and learning French.