Tendai Frankyln Brown


Tendai has a proud Jamaican heritage which reflects in her ability to make people feel welcome with a smile. Tendai is a trained journalist and freelances as much as her timetable allows, working part-time at Hair Organics Notting Hill and part-time as a student completing her marketing masters degree. Her journalism background has given her a passion for talking with people, and a drive to investigate. She has done a lot of research into natural health and beauty products and is known at home as a modern-day apothecary.

Tendai loves making her own face masks, bath salts and creams sourced from organic ingredients, and her search for great organic beauty products led her to Hair Organics Notting Hill. She really enjoy watching how people are transformed in the salon and how they “can’t wait to show their friends their fabulous hair”. She uses the products herself and finds it great for her fine, soft hair and sensitive dry scalp.

If Tendai ever has any spare time she writes music, songs and lyrics. She has recorded a number of songs which have been featured on radio.