Gleb Pavlov

Senior Stylist

Gleb Pavlov is originally from Tallinn, Estonia and speaks English, Russian and Estonian. He says that there are few things that most people don’t know about Estonia. Estonians have better Bar-be-ques than anyone else in the world. They will have a bar-be-que in winter when the temperature drops to minus 20° C at the seaside just for fun. Estonians were also 11 time Scandinavian Champions of the Annual Wife-Carrying Championships. This event is held in Finland in which a husband carries his wife over a 253m track with three obstacles to get through. The winner wins his wife’s weight in beer. Gleb has recently married with a 2 day wedding celebration culminating with a Bar-be-que at the seaside. He won’t be competing in the wife-carrying championship anytime soon! 

Gleb takes inspiration for hairdressing from London’s street-style, other hairdressers and the hairdressing industry itself which he describes as ‘big and cool.’ He likes the way that the skills of hairdressing can be a used make people happy and confident about themselves. His clients say he is extremely good at listening to their needs and is very caring and kind. 

Physically fit, Gleb spends his time away from the salon rock climbing. His ambition is to explore the UK even more. He also plays guitar and enjoys an eclectic mix of heavy rock music, jazz, metal, classic blues, and electronica. His perfect day off would be sport in the morning, relaxing in park in afternoon, then the evening eat pizza and listen to jazz.

Gleb would most like to visit Japan, climb the mountains there, people-watch and eat a real sushi.