101 Naked Confessions of a Gay Hairdresser

101 Naked Confessions

What do you expect from your hairdresser? A gossip? A confessional? A therapist? Good hair? 101 Naked Confessions of a Gay Hairdresser delivers all of these. And more.

I am the World’s Most Outrageous Gay Hairdresser and have spent the last 30 years working with small-town suburban housewives, urban professionals, celebrities and models, and even the Queen. And everyone in between. So I am not short of a story. This book promises to entertain, amuse and inform. Oh – and you might learn a thing or two about your hair along the way.

Written as short confessions or observations on life, love, and gay domination of the weather, this book is perfect for a quick and dirty read in a spare moment. Guaranteed to get you giggling, and if you are looking for a hair fix, that’s included too.

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What people are saying about 101 Naked Confessions of a Gay Hairdresser:

On a bad day or just an ordinary day, Terry’s book sends a beam of light to hearten the soul and make you smile. His observations on life are amusing, quirky and endearing, always affectionate and informative. The same warmth and ability to make one feel part of the family is one of the reasons I come to his salon where one is made to feel welcome and safe in professional hands in a laid back way
Louisa Miles, Theatrical Agent

Terry’s wit, wisdom and willingness to share both his highs and his lows through his stories bring a smile to my face – and sometimes a tear to my eye – every time. The only thing better than reading his words is hearing Terry’s stories in person at his amazing Hair Organics salon in Notting Hill. Although you can’t carry Terry around with you in person for inspiration so maybe this book wins out after all!
Jo Kearins, Associate Director at Luther Pendragon

You can’t imagine how snowed under my days are with words sometimes. But I always make time to read what Terry writes because he has the power to make me smile and laugh out loud. He makes me feel part of a community of dedicated people who celebrate life’s shallows, depths, shipwrecks, cakes and wasn’t there something about a camel once?
Mary Fenwick, Writer, Coach and Fundraiser

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